Visit to Golyamo Novo school

Ana Emukhvari, European Voluntary Service volunteer from Georgia, since October 2016 at Lecti, visited the basic school “G.S. Rakovski” in Golyamo Novo village (1st-8th grades) in February 2017. She spent a whole day there with her interactive presentation about ecology…
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Lecti volunteer visits Omurtag

Ana Emukhvari, European Voluntary Service volunteer from Georgia, since October 2016 at Lecti, visited the school “Ak. Daki Yordanov” in Omurtag (5th-8th grades) in February 2017. She went there with an interactive presentation about ecology and discussed good practices with…
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Swedish journalist goes to school

Franziska is a journalist and teacher from Sweden. She visited the school (classes 1-8) in Golyamo Novo village at the end of April 2016. In this school the children are mainly Roma. The school provides the pupils with many creative…
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Visit to Gorni Dubnik village

In May 2016 Lecti Adventure organised a trip to Gorni Dubnik with a group – the senior committee of the Technical Association of Finland. We visited Park Lavrov in the village and were met with flowers, songs and music, fresh…
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Erasmus+ students visit Omurtag Municipality

In April 2016, a group of Erasmus+ students from University of Economics – Varna and Lecti Culture Centre volunteer Cécile Martinelli visited the municipality of Omurtag. Here is Cécile’s report. I had already the experience to go out to the…
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New Easy Reads in English and Bulgarian 2016

During 2016 several classics and new Easy Reads will be published by Lecti Book Studio. Sabira Stahlberg’s and Maria Viitasalo’s popular books about Philip, which already for ten years have been read in homes and schools in Finland and Sweden,…
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Lecti volunteer visits schools

By Cécile Martinelli, Lecti Culture Centre volunteer You can’t live in a country and just stay in the “big cities”. You have also to discover the countryside, the villages, to be able to say: “I know this country”. End of…
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Book profits for Balkan projects

A new book in Swedish and Finnish, “Finska Gardet på Balkan / Suomen Kaarti Balkanilla”, was published in October 2015 by Lecti Book Studio. This book, written by historian Dr. Sabira Ståhlberg, tells about the travel and actions of the…
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Sustainable tourism

In May 2015 Lecti Adventure presented at an international conference in Constanţa, Romania, ideas and proposals for creating sustainable tourism in the Black Sea area especially, and in Bulgaria and Romania in general. Read more here.

School visits

Lecti Culture Centre brought several visitors to schools in spring/summer 2015 – a poet, a musician, two language teachers and an entrepreneur who talked with the children and created joint activities. Read more about meeting Roma children here and entrepreneurship…
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